Tying up your fitness walking shoes properly

Tying up your fitness walking shoes properly

Your feet are unique and have specific needs. There are various types and shapes of shoe to choose from, for maximum comfort You can take care of your feet, use an anti-rubbing cream, wear socks that prevent blisters, and treat yourself to the world's best fitness walking or Nordic walking shoes...But if you don't know how to tie up your shoe laces properly, your feet might be uncomfortable during fitness walking sessions or, worse still, you run the risk of injuring yourself.Here's a quick lesson in the technique of tying up shoe laces!

Prevent your foot from slipping

Do you know about the weak link? In other words, the last hole at the top of your shoe (slightly offset from the others). Most of us have no idea what this hole's for or how to use it.

It actually prevents your foot and heel from moving too much inside the shoe.To use to perfection, insert the lace into the hole on each side to make a loop. Then insert the end of the right lace into the left loop and vice versa. Pull on both sides to tighten up and tie your bow as usual. Your foot is now supported perfectly!

Avoid over-tightening your foot

To properly maintain your foot, you may be tempted to over-tighten your laces or unevenly distribute how you tie them up: Beware!Over-tightening at the top means you might get tendon pain, which will move onto your instep. You may injure yourself (e.g. tendinitis). Over-tightening at the bottom means you might get pins and needles due to poor blood circulation.

You should aim to distribute the force of your laces evenly across your entire foot.

Avoid compressing your toes

If your toes tend to hurt during long fitness walking sessions, try the following technique: One lace goes directly from the 1st hole on the right to the last hole on the left (or vice versa) while the other criss-crosses. Simply pull on the 'right' lace and tie your bow. This should relieve your most sensitive toes!

Tie up your walking shoes in two phases

If you're not quite sure you're doing it right, tie the laces of your fitness walking shoes one first time before you get to the starting point, and start walking.
Once your feet have settled into their places, readjust the laces if you need to; after that, you're sure to be comfortable
.With fitness walking, you're never too old to learn how to tie up your shoe laces!