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A Nordic (or fitness) walking session lasts 1-2 hours on average: this includes warming up, walking and stretching. Overlooking your warm-up is out of the question if you want to avoid injuring yourself. Likewise, you cannot neglect stretching, which limits aches. Here are a few tips to help you do your favourite sport more often!
roll through-foot
What is the difference between everyday walking and fitness walking? The foot motion! In the first case, foot motion is done unconsciously; in the second, it is completely controlled. With fitness walking, it is important to roll through your foot properly to develop your muscles without injuring yourself. Lace up your fitness walking shoes and take your first step!
A training journal, whether kept in a notebook or using one of the many mobile apps dedicated to physical exercise, is essential to monitor your fitness-walking training and maintain your motivation.
If you want to enjoy your walking sessions even more, it is essential to take good care of your shoes. Not sure how to look after your shoes and keep them in top condition for longer? Here are our three tips for taking care of them after every walk!
Fitness walking and Nordic walking are no longer just individual sports and can also be done in a group. But perhaps it's hard for you to find a partner with whom you can share your passion? Here are our ideas to make progress with this - you're certainly not the only one looking for a partner!
Our feet allow us to stand up and move around. So let's take a closer look at these two extremities that let us walk and keep our balance! Without going into mathematical detail, we can still take a look at some figures! The number of tiny parts that make up our feet is just incredible; you'll be amazed!
Fitness walking, like all sports, makes your body temperature rise. Perspiration is the body's natural temperature regulator, but here's the downside: this excess water and salt in your fitness walking shoes often makes them uncomfortable, and can lead to blisters and unpleasant odours. Our handy smart tips for untying your shoes... with no unpleasant surprises!