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Have you decided to speed up in order to experience the new sensation of fitness walking? Check out some techniques for improving your fitness walking and stepping up the pace in the company of the athlete Emmanuel Lassalle. Add some zip to your outings!
Maximum heart rate is the maximum number of beats made by your heart in 1 minute of effort. When walking quickly, you will be in an endurance zone, with a heart rate of between 60% and 75% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Knowing your rate means listening to your body. This is the procedure.
In summer, nice weather and holidays are a real source of motivation for enjoying the benefits of fitness walking. For some people, the summer period is the perfect moment for restarting a physical activity, but make sure you prepare for your fitness walking sessions for maximum enjoyment!
If you're already into fitness walking, you'll know how much this activity has to offer in terms of health and well-being. The benefits of walking can be felt at any age and especially by children, who are particularly at risk of excess weight due to a sedentary lifestyle.
During winter, don't abandon your fitness walking just because of the cold and wind! Equip yourself from head to toe against the cold and adjust your walking speed. Read our 5 tips for keeping your motivation during your winter sessions!
When you start fitness walking, many of you experience pain in the front of your legs. When this pain is in your shins, it's an inflammation of a muscle on which great demands are placed during walking sessions: the anterior hamstring. Have no fear!
Whether as a warm-up or as a warm-down after your session, these stretching exercise will do a world of good to the muscles of your shoulders, back and neck. You can even do them on a daily basis, to eliminate tension due to stress!
In fitness walking, the feet never move without the arms. Fitness walking and race walking coach, Jeanick Landormy, will teach you the arm technique best suited to your walking style in 6 weeks. Walking for fitness or to tone up the upper body - each to their own!
You've just bought your child a pair of Newfeel shoes? They are designed for them to wear for sport or for other daily activities. Here are 6 care instructions for keeping them as new as possible for a long as possible…or for giving them a new lease on life!
Breathing, walking: these two movements seem so natural that we do them almost unconsciously. However, remember that you had to learn the right fitness and Nordic walking techniques, and the same goes for breathing.
Have you decided to start fast walking? Excellent choice! Fitness walking – aka power walking – is one of the most easily accessible physical activities that is also very gentle for the body. Put on your walking shoes and check out our practical advice to take full advantage of your first walking sessions!
You have chosen an outdoor sport to feel better, lose weight and relax. Whatever your objective, fitness walking and running are two endurance sports that are recommended for taking care of yourself. But why is walking so different and why does it need special footwear?