Take advantage of the holidays to walk with your family

Take advantage of the holidays to walk with your family

Walking is sacred to you. But you can't say the same thing about your other half or your children.You don't often all walk together. The holidays are your chance to change habits and try new experiences together. So why not try to take your family walking? Here are some good arguments that might just convince them!

Enjoy the sun

The summer holidays are ideal for getting the whole family fitness walking. The weather is lovely, it's warm - everybody wants to be outside all the time. So, why not trade the sunlounger for walking shoes and go fitness walking to get some fresh air. Not only is it a gentle way to exercise, it is also a great way to enjoy the unique sensations that only good weather provides: a warm breeze caressing your arms, wild grass tickling your calves, insects singing…

Explore your holiday destination on foot

Whether you are holidaying in the country or city, walking is the ideal way to discover your surroundings. Fitness walk with a predetermined itinerary to explore a city and get off the beaten track. You will be much more aware of the details than if you are in a car or on the underground. And you can stop whenever you want to check out a monument more closely! If you're in the country, stop at the tourist information centre and ask for their suggested itineraries for the best walks in the area. It's a great way to have a lovely time with your family and get away from it all!

Combine walking with another activity

It's true, it's hard to motivate the rest of the family to walk when all they want to do is laze in the sun. Everyone is doing their own thing...at a slower, holiday pace. So give them a good reason to follow you - combine walking with another activity: organise a treasure hunt, collect leaves to create a herbarium, suggest your children take photos…Make walking fun so the whole family wants to join in!

Choose a walking holiday

For walking enthusiasts who are lucky enough to share their passion with their family, there is nothing better than a walking holiday. Walk to discover magical sites and amazing landscapes in France or abroad.You can create your own itinerary, or consult a specialist: travel agent, sports association, holiday resort, etc. And why not vary the fun and try hiking - fitness walking's cousin!

With a bit of imagination and stunning surroundings, it shouldn't be too difficult to inject some fitness walking into your holiday programme, and everyone will enjoy it!