Sport walking

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Walking to lose weight… Now there's a good idea! Wondering how you can lose weight and get a flat stomach? You've come to the right place:we explain how to get a flat stomach through fitness walking!
You know that fast walking is an excellent way to improve your health, but did you know about all its benefits? It is not only excellent for your body, but you will quickly discover that there are plenty of resources for your mind too.
Night-time walking
Sometimes, walking at night can make you feel uneasy. But if you go walking with a group on a busy route, you will be able to enjoy the unexpected advantages of walking at night! Who knows, you might even end up looking forward to the evenings drawing in!
Fitness and Nordic walking are both sports that can be done whenever you want. You can even walk indoors when it comes to fitness walking! Walking indoors is sometimes a tempting option when the weather conditions are not good... But you must admit that walking outdoors, in a park or by the water's edge, is always more inspiring for your mind as well as for your body!
"Are we there yet?": a question we've all asked, and one that all parents will hear at one point or another. Make walking more than just a way of getting from A to B with these 7 tips: a fun way to take care of your child's health!
Nordic walking shoes and poles
There are other ways to get a buzz than jumping out of a parachute or descending white-water rapids! Fitness walking is a more gentle way to get your adrenaline flowing. Choose the right shoes and socks and you'll enjoy every walk!
Do you want to lose weight and improve your health? When practised regularly, fitness walking can be the best way of avoiding depressing diets and getting yourself moving. For sports physician Charles Aisenberg, it is actually even better for your health!
Have you decided to speed up in order to experience the new sensation of fitness walking? Check out some techniques for improving your fitness walking and stepping up the pace in the company of the athlete Emmanuel Lassalle. Add some zip to your outings!
When fitness walking as well as fast walking, staying motivated is the key to success. You will attain your objectives if you manage to walk regularly. Many walkers measure their performance using a pedometer to stay motivated.
Are you looking for a programme for getting into shape or aiming to get back into sport gently? With this 4-week training programme, you will reach your goal of walking 5km in 50 minutes of fitness walking.
In order to get the most enjoyment our of your summer fitness walking sessions, you will need to tailor your clothing to the hottest temperatures. Choose ventilated sports clothes and footwear!