Sport walking

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When you are fitness walking, it isn't just your legs that help you move! Your arms are also close allies in your progress and help you to distribute the effort throughout your whole body. Find out how to pace your stride using your arms, increase your walking speed and tone your body!
Choosing your child's shoes - does it have to be a headache? In addition to the colour and looks, you should be asking yourself 5 questions before making your purchase and choosing the right shoes!
Why do they say that fitness walking is a complete sport? Fitness walking, active or fast, works not only lower muscles. In addition to exercising the thighs and gluteals, fitness walking also strengthens the entire upper body, especially the arms and abdominals.
Walking at night can be a bit scary.But if there are lots of you walking together, along a busy route, you'll be able to enjoy the unsuspected advantages of nocturnal fitness walking!Who knows, maybe you'll even end up liking it when the days get shorter!
When you go Nordic walking, your feet unroll on the ground in a movement specific to this sport. Fitness walking shoes are specially designed to facilitate this movement, which goes from the heel to the big toe, in 3 stages
Sports specialists define walking as "the nearest thing you can get to the ideal physical exercise". Fitness walking is an accessible sport that can be practised at different paces and for different reasons. Follow our guide to finding the right pair of shoes for fitness walking.
Fitness walking is a gentle endurance sport which uses many muscles, including your heart. Practising fitness or power walking strengthens your heart. It's an effective way to prevent heart disease - the most common cause of death in France.
It's done! You've chosen your sport, and it's fitness walking! Walking is an excellent choice, offering lots of benefits for the body and the mind. Here a few simple tips before you start, to make sure you get off on the right foot.