Race walking: The right gear for each season

You only need simple gear for improving your race walking technique. It's important to avoid shoes or clothing that cause chafing. Like all sports, race walking requires specific accessories designed for the activity and the weather.

How to choose the right shoes and accessories

Choosing the right walking shoes is essential. There is less impact in race walking than running, but your shoes are the only contact you have with the ground so they have to absorb all the shock. They must be flexible, light and comfortable, and give good propulsion and grip.

Winter gear for race walking

For protection against cold weather, a long-sleeved insulating jersey is the walker's best ally. Add a thermal long-sleeved jacket for protection from the wind. A long pair of leggings will protect your thighs and keep you warm.

A pair of high anti-chafing socks protects the Achilles tendon.Choose a head band or buff rather than a beanie which doesn't let the heat escape. And don't forget gloves, vital for not having freezing fingertips. Race walking gear is similar to running gear.

Summer gear for race walking

So that the heat does not scupper your race walking training, wear short shorts and a tank top. You will also need to spread some anti-chafing cream on the areas where it is most needed to minimise any chafing issues. 

Get some anti-UV sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's rays and the wind. To protect you from the heat, it is essential to wear a cap or visor . Indeed, when walking on roads, there are not many shaded areas and you must protect yourself from increases in body temperature.


A free coaching app

Use Decathlon Coach or a connected watch to track your progress. With some models you can programme your workouts and track your heart rate in real time.

Accessories for a comprehensive set-up

For staying hydrated when race walking, water-bottle belts are the ideal solution. They have a little pocket so that you don't lose your keys and for carrying small cereal bars or gels for snacks.

Comfort is very important. It's not expensive to start a physical activity such as race walking... however you still need the basic essentials!