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10 Parcours pour pratiquer la marche nordique et sportive à Nice
It's the holidays! Walk around a new town and explore. Cover kilometres of coastal paths with the sound of the waves in the background. Walk in the shade of nostalgic pines. You've been dreaming about it for months! Here are 5 good ideas for even more walking pleasure during your holidays.
Walk tonight...or not? If you find yourself asking the question every time, your walking sessions are not yet a real habit. Keep your New Year's resolution: forget all your good and bad excuses and make exercise a well-being ritual you can't live without!
seance de marche sportive
There are other ways to get a buzz than jumping out of a parachute or descending whitewater rapids! Fitness walking is a more gentle way to get your adrenaline flowing. Choose the right shoes and socks and you'll enjoy every walk!

Of course, lazy days are one of the real pleasures of going on holiday. But relaxing does not have to mean doing nothing, quite the contrary. It's the ideal time for practising or taking up a sport: fitness walking or Nordic walking. This is the year when you come back super fit from your holidays!

Reprendre le sport après une longue coupure

Who hasn't had to take a break from their physical activities for a lengthy period? A break of more than three weeks will result in some extra fat and a drop in muscle mass, as well as a deterioration in physical condition and cardiovascular capacity. When restarting physical exercise and returning to physical health, it is best to start with a gentle sport like fitness walking.


When we talk of fitness walking, there is a tendency to think that only your leg muscles are worked. Although they are certainly key, other muscle groups get a workout too, especially the heart, the abdominals, the arms and the back. I'm sure you've got it by now: fitness walking is a complete sport with more than one muscle to its bow.

Marcher pour bien dormir

We are sleeping 1 1/2 hours less than we did 50 years ago, on average[1]! 73 % of French people wake up at night[2] and 36 % claim they have problems sleeping. A large number of people are unhappy with the way this affects their daily life Walking and especially Nordic walking can become an excellent way of regulating your sleep and helping you get the rest you need!

Passer de la marche sportive à la marche nordique

Nordic walking and fitness walking are gentle sports activities that have many similar benefits. However, switching from fitness walking to Nordic walking needs some time to adapt, especially for learning to use the poles properly. Let's look at the details!

Comment sont testés les produits newfeel ?

At Newfeel, all our fitness walking products are tested by users, amateurs and enthusiasts. Our objective is simple: more comfort, high-tech features and pleasure when walking! So how are our products tested at Newfeel, and how can you join the adventure?