Nordic walking poles

How to choose your Nordic walking poles, how to choose the right size of Nordic walking poles and how to maintain your Nordic walking poles

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Nordic walking poles are the characteristic feature of this complete sport. Thanks to Nordic walking poles, this sport works out all of the body's muscles. Without them there would be no such thing as Nordic walking! Find out about all of the elements that make a Nordic walking pole with Olivier Capelli, double Nordic walking world champion.

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Nordic walking is dynamic walking that is practised using 2 special poles. Using poles means that you can exaggerate the arms' natural movement to propel the body forward. Thanks to this propulsion from the poles, Nordic walking is thus faster and works out the whole body.

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Nordic walking and hiking are two sports that both involve the use of poles, but on different terrains: flat terrains (tarmac, pathways) for Nordic walking and uneven terrain (mountains, hills) for hiking. So it is necessary to use the right poles, because they do not all meet the same needs. Let's see how they work.