Chaussure et bâton de marche nordique

Nordic walking - a new enjoyable experience!

Try this easily accessible and complete sport and enjoy a new experience.All you need to get started with Nordic walking is the right shoes and a pair of walking poles. Doing sport in the fresh air is ideal if you are looking a feeling of freedom and well-being! 

Nordic walking:walking poles are useful and fun! 

Walking poles are vital for Nordic walking. They help you propel your body forward using your arms, which helps to tone the upper body. Practical and fun, make sure you choose the right Nordic walking poles depending on how much you walk. Adjustable wrist straps, rip-tab adjustment, elastomer handles...lots of details which add up to more comfort and better grip. 

Nordic walking - feel free

Get your Nordic walking shoes on and adjust your walking poles - that's all it takes to get started and enjoy the great outdoors. Nordic walking is freedom! That's what makes it such a complete sport - it is beneficial for both the body and the mind. So get walking and enjoy! 

New experiences! 

Nordic walking constantly provides new experiences. Change your route regularly: flat or hilly, forest trails or country paths - vary the pleasure! The sounds, the landscape, the type of terrain...each detail influences your experience. Walk at different times of the day and see the way different light changes your surroundings from morning to nightfall. Finally, walking in summer is completely different to walking at night: feel your body warming up from exertion in winter, or from the sun on your skin in summer - two completely different and enjoyable experiences. 

Get your Nordic walking shoes and poles and get back to nature. Take time to live for the moment!