Nordic walking and travelling

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When planning your next holidays, why not combine some lazing about with a little sporting activity? Would you like to enjoy the great outdoors and discover new landscapes? Continue to practise your favourite sport and pack your Nordic walking equipment easily in your suitcase!

Switch off from work and reconnect with nature

We all know that Nordic walking is the perfect way to get close to nature, head into the wild and seek beauty and fresh air. You can breathe it all in, get rid of all that stress and relax. By working on your endurance, you will improve your breathing, strengthen the muscles across your whole body (90% of your muscle chains come into play) and recharge your batteries to the max. Whether in the countryside, up a mountain or at the seaside, you are guaranteed to feel better!

Choose the Nordic walking trip that best suits you

In a great number of countries, more and more tour operators, holiday camps and sports associations are organising Nordic walking trips in magical locations with outstanding landscapes and the great outdoors. From a simple introduction of a few hours to a dedicated Nordic walking holiday, you have a huge range of options available. A special mention must go to mixed holidays, where you can combine Nordic walking and thalassotherapy or Nordic walking and travelling.

Take your Nordic walking equipment with you

There's no Nordic walking without poles! They are your trusty companions. The trick? When it comes to holidays, consider telescopic poles that can be easily transported. If you prefer one-piece poles, you should get hold of a little case to protect them: You can take them everywhere, even on the plane. When it comes to shoes, ensure that they have the right blend of flexibility and grip for the types of terrain you will face. The best thing is to choose a pair of Nordic walking shoes. Lastly, in addition to a cap and sunglasses, don't forget to keep hydrated with a hydration pack or bottle-holder belt which you can also use to store your keys and mobile!

All that's left is to pack your bags...

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