Nordic walking

All the benefits of Nordic walking on health, our training programmes and Nordic walking exercises in video to help you progress

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Comment s'équiper en marche nordique

You want to try Nordic walking? You don't need much equipment for this sport! A pair of poles, suitable Nordic walking shoes, sports clothing and a small backpack are all you need. So all you have to do now is get your equipment and start Nordic walking!


Add uphill and downhill stretches to your Nordic walking session and you will reap the rewards. It will give more pleasure and variety to your walks, but will also tone your body more intensely. Here are some Nordic walking techniques for ascending and descending without difficulty, or risk of injury!


Are you planning to start Nordic walking or have you just started?To help you to learn the right way to do it, we will give you some valuable tips for Nordic walking so that you can make fast progress. At the end of this article, you'll be able to simply grab your Nordic walking poles and walk!


Are you looking for a comprehensive, dynamic and accessible sport? Nordic walking is made for you! Thanks to the Nordic walking poles, this activity uses all the muscles in your body from your head to your feet. Well-being, fitness and health will be your rewards with the "Discovering Nordic Walking" programme, designed as an introduction to this ultra-comprehensive sport and a guide to mastering your Nordic walking poles!


Olivier Capelli, double Nordic walking world champion gives a class in Nordic walking specially devoted to warming up the upper body. Here is how to warm up the neck, the lower back and shoulders with 4 Nordic walking warm-up exercises.


Olivier Capelli, double Nordic walking world champion gives a class in Nordic walking specially devoted to warming up the lower body. Here is how to warm up the ankles, knees and hips using the Nordic walking poles to look after your joints with 3 Nordic walking warm-up exercises.


Using Nordic walking poles properly allows you to master the most fundamental Nordic walking technique: moving the poles to better propel yourself on to new walking sensations.


All physical activity, practised regularly, brings positive benefits for your health and physical fitness. But all sports are different, and so are their health benefits. Nordic walking is good for the body, heart and mind !


Have you heard of Nordic walking and want to find out more about this increasingly popular sport ? Virgile Van-Rampelbergh, Nordic walking coach for the French Athletics Federation tells you everything about this comprehensive and dynamic sport, which has so many benefits for body and mind !