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All the benefits of Nordic walking on health, our training programmes and Nordic walking exercises in video to help you progress

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10 Parcours pour pratiquer la marche nordique et sportive à Nice
It's the holidays! Walk around a new town and explore. Cover kilometres of coastal paths with the sound of the waves in the background. Walk in the shade of nostalgic pines. You've been dreaming about it for months! Here are 5 good ideas for even more walking pleasure during your holidays.
You think you don't really need a carry bag for your Nordic walking poles? Have you already used one? You'll change your mind if you take transport with your poles, or go away for the weekend or on holidays!

Of course, lazy days are one of the real pleasures of going on holiday. But relaxing does not have to mean doing nothing, quite the contrary. It's the ideal time for practising or taking up a sport: fitness walking or Nordic walking. This is the year when you come back super fit from your holidays!


When planning your next holidays, why not combine some lazing about with a little sporting activity? Would you like to enjoy the great outdoors and discover new landscapes? Continue to practise your favourite sport and pack your Nordic walking equipment easily in your suitcase!

lieux marche nordique

Whether it is in the countryside, at the seaside or in the mountains, Nordic walking gives prominence to nature lovers. But make no mistake: Nordic walking can be practised anywhere, even in town, giving everyone the opportunity to explore their favourite spot for practising the sport. Let's have a look at our selection of routes for making the most of the benefits of the sport!

Passer de la marche sportive à la marche nordique

Nordic walking and fitness walking are gentle sports activities that have many similar benefits. However, switching from fitness walking to Nordic walking needs some time to adapt, especially for learning to use the poles properly. Let's look at the details!

Choisir le meilleur moment pour débuter la marche nordique

Nordic walking, or even pole walking, is riding high! This ultimate gentle sport is gaining in popularity and can be practised alone, with others or in a club. If you feel tempted and are wondering what is the ideal time to start, here are a few tips for starting Nordic walking...


Une séance de marche nordique (ou sportive) dure en moyenne 1 à 2 heures : échauffement, marche et étirements compris. Pas question de faire l’impasse sur l’échauffement qui vous évite de vous blesser, ou sur les étirements qui limitent les courbatures. Mais entre le travail, les enfants, la maison et les transports... c’est un casse-tête de caser les sorties marche. Voici quelques astuces pour vous permettre de pratiquer plus souvent votre sport favori !

Comment s'équiper en marche nordique

You want to try Nordic walking? You don't need much equipment for this sport! A pair of poles, suitable Nordic walking shoes, sports clothing and a small backpack are all you need. So all you have to do now is get your equipment and start Nordic walking!


Add uphill and downhill stretches to your Nordic walking session and you will reap the rewards. It will give more pleasure and variety to your walks, but will also tone your body more intensely. Here are some Nordic walking techniques for ascending and descending without difficulty, or risk of injury!