New Year: Time to unveil our New Year's walking resolutions!

Whether you actually make New Year's resolutions or not, this time of year's a good opportunity to think about what you want to improve in your day-to-day life in the year ahead.For many people, that includes doing sport or physical activity more regularly.Here are the New Year's resolutions of five dedicated Newfeel walkers who aim to do more fitness or Nordic walking, and improve their skills!

Set yourself a regular schedule of walking sessions

Train regularly and several times a week: that's the New Year's resolution Séverine, our Nordic walking product manager, is going for."As we all know, people hardly ever stick to their New Year's resolutions...Probably because they're generally announced after a few drinks!But that doesn't stop me wanting to improve my sports ability.So, from the 2nd January, I resolve to go Nordic walking at least twice a week!"

Choosing the right gear

Alix, product engineer for fitness walking, is not the first to learn the hard way that you need the right gear, suited both to fitness walking and to the time of year."The drop in temperature over the last few weeks led me to put on warmer Lambda clothes.A fatal mistake!Synthetic fabrics make you sweat a lot and...put it this way, I wasn't smelling of roses! So I overhauled my sports wardrobe, investing in cotton clothes better suited to the sport, with breathable zones."

Getting help from a coach

For Erik, promoter of the walking department, New Year's resolutions are an opportunity to set yourself personal challenges.To help you stay motivated even when the weather's bad, there's nothing better than a sports coach (even a virtual one)."When it's cold, when it's raining, when you're in a bad mood, well, then you just want to do nothing at all, never mind go walking... But walking does me a world of good, so this year I've decided to motivate myself by setting personal challenges.I've started using the Decathlon Coach app so now I can follow my sessions and keep track of such things as the distance to cover over a week, a month, a year... So: no more excuses!

Set goals for yourself and reward your efforts

Fitness walking may be a relatively gentle type of physical activity, but, like all physical activities, it requires effort.So it's very important to keep a balanced approach.You should therefore make sure you reward your efforts, that way you'll keep your enthusiasm alive (and avoid getting lazy!).Press officer Delphine has it down to a T:"Despite the cold, I haven't stopped walking, I just made a few adjustments instead!For my Wednesday outings with a friend, we put on extra clothes (woolly hat, gloves, etc.) and, at the end of our outing, we treat ourselves to a lovely cup of tea or bowl of hot chocolate!"

Find some walking partners

Doing physical activity makes you feel great.When there's someone to share the good vibes with, it's even better!There's nothing better than having a walking partner (or several of them) with whom to share a moment of sports companionship.Artistic director Lucile didn't have to look far:"My New Year's resolution is to bring my husband along when I go out walking at the weekend.What a great way to spend time together and share some feel-good moments!And we could motivate each other for future sessions!". The same goes for Séverine, whose friends have asked her if she can take them Nordic walking: "Two friends of mine have resolved to try Nordic walking in the New Year, so I'm bringing them along with me on Sunday!"

What about you, what are your New Year's resolutions for 2019?