The miraculous walking pole carry bag!

You think you don't really need a carry bag for your Nordic walking poles? Have you already used one? You'll change your mind if you take transport with your poles, or go away for the weekend or on holidays!

Your walking poles are safe and sound.

Nordic walking poles have several parts: the shaft, wrist straps, tips and pads. The wrist straps and pads (and sometimes even the tips) are removable which means you can easily lose them. And it happens all too often! Get into the habit of carrying your Nordic walking poles in a carry bag to avoid losing any parts!

A carry bag for your walking poles is very practical for big trips.

Travelling with your walking poles can damage them. Or even worse, you might lose them. You can always attach them together, but that's unlikely to be enough protection if you are travelling by car, train or plane.

You need to protect them. Life will be easier if you get into the habit of putting them  in a carry bag when you travel: The Newfeel Nordic walking pole carry bag is designed for that.

Dirty walking poles in a clean carry bag!

Walking in the great outdoors is fantastic! But you have to admit, your  Nordic walking poles collect all sorts of things along the way. How many times have you got home with tips full of mud and other rubbish? Your dirty walking poles make a mess in your car - or someone else's if you carpool - and your house. The Newfeel walking pole carry bag is completely washable.

Your carry bag protects your walking poles, makes travelling easier and you don't leave a mess everywhere you go. This is a nifty Newfeel accessory!