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How to choose your backpack of suitcase? Discover all the advice for making the right choice and looking after your bags and suitcases with Newfeel

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comment choisir sa valise

Preparing to travel but don't know what travel luggage to choose? What size should you take? Following are some tips to make sure you set off on your sports trip with peace of mind.

Comment choisir son sac à dos - Newfeel vous guide

Perfect for keeping your hands free on sports trips, a backpack is THE indispensable piece of luggage for carrying your sports gear and personal belongings. What size backpack should you choose? Which factors should you consider when making your purchase? Check our buyer's guide to find out !

accessoires voyages valide cadenas porte étiquette

Several travel accessories are available to secure and personalise your luggage so as to provide comfort and safety during your sports trips and holidays. Check out these various items that can make your life and sports trips a little bit easier!


Just like you, we're all impatiently waiting for the summer vacations ! And, just like you, we've experienced those rising last-minute stress levels when it's time to get packed and ready to go. No need to panic ! Our Newfeel product heads and luggage designers are experienced travellers and very knowledgeable in luggage use. Today, these experts share their best practices with you !


Many people have had to face the size issue on the Internet! It's bad enough when you receive small bottles of water instead of the large one and a half litre versions, or some mini orange juice cartons instead of the large ones, with the straw to boot! A bag is a much more serious matter! In order to avoid getting the bag you used for your snack when you were four years old (just right for the mini-cartons), here are a few words of advice to make sure you buy the right size of backpack.


When heading out for several days of vacations or a trip, the standard size for a small suitcase/bag is 35L. But how to use the space wisely ? How to pack your belongings inside ? Will everything fit ? The Newfeel team knows these questions might be running through your head, so they put together a video that includes all the tips from our experts on how to make the best use of the space inside your bag !


This is a burning subject in this period of recovery! It's time to fit out the family and particularly our young teenager who is going to college... Your children will certainly be asking you for a backpack that looks "so cool" in the playground, when your common sense is pushing you towards a practical schoolbag that is properly designed for the back... The fight is on!