Learning to walk properly

Jeanick Landormy, a keep-fit coach specialising in walking and race walking, fills us in on her tips to learn how to walk properly. Once you have grasped these basic points, there'll be no excuse, you'll at last be able to walk like in your dreams!


Moving your feet properly is crucial. From your heel to your toes, the foot movement finishes with your toes giving a little push. 

"Remember that the pushing must move you forward rather than up. So you push with your toes, using your calf muscles".


"Your arms must not remain passive. They help your stride by acting as a pendulum. Imagine that your arms are pulling on a rope with every movement. I suggest that you start swinging your arms while standing still, legs and bust straight, for a few minutes". 

Bend your arms to a right angle at the elbows, close your fists but remain relaxed. 

To gain full awareness of how important your arms are, Jeanick suggests walking "for a few metres keeping them straight in line with your body. Then walk the same distance again, with your elbows crooked and swinging your arms back and forth".



This is an exercise to be repeated in series: four or five times 20 repetitions as you walk. 

"Every three or five steps, rotate your bust to the left or to the right, while continuing to walk. As you rotate, stretch your arms out to form a cross shape. Revert to your initial position, keep walking then repeat on the other side". 


The idea now is to walk as quickly as possible for 30 seconds, then recover for 2 minutes walking at your own pace. Repeat 5 to 10 times depending on your form. 

Wrap your session up by cooling off walking slowly for 5 minutes. After a few sessions, this will all come naturally to you and you'll be able to speed up!


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