How to pack your suitcase ?

When heading out for several days of vacations or a trip, the standard size for a small suitcase/bag is 35L. But how to use the space wisely ? How to pack your belongings inside ? Will everything fit ? The Newfeel team knows these questions might be running through your head, so they put together a video that includes all the tips from our experts on how to make the best use of the space inside your bag ! 

Tip no. 1:

If you put things in your bag as you prepare them, you'll have a hard time remembering whether you've packed something or not. So instead, place everything that you'll be taking on the table, so you can double check and make sure you're not forgetting anything!

Tip no. 2:

Put your socks inside your shoes to save space ! And don't forget to take a pouch or cover with you to store them in so you don't get your suitcase dirty or risk spreading unpleasant odours.

Tip no. 3:

Pack your clothes neatly (folded and ironed) inside luggage cubes ! That way, on the way back, you can put your clean laundry in one cube and your dirty laundry in another !

Tip no. 4:

Roll up your undergarments and squeeze them into the sides of your bag to save space ! 

And now, all that's left is for us to wish you a pleasant journey ! 

Got any more tips ? Did you find any of these helpful? Share your feedback and comments on this article ! 


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