How do you choose yout child's backpack ?

This is a burning subject in this period of recovery! It's time to fit out the family and particularly our young teenager who is going to college... Your children will certainly be asking you for a backpack that looks "so cool" in the playground, when your common sense is pushing you towards a practical schoolbag that is properly designed for the back...

The fight is on!

It is a question of combining arguments about fashion and comfort... Here are a few tips to get everyone to agree:

S for Strength:

Your children, who are full of energy, will not spare their backpacks, any more than the trousers… So you might as well fit them out with something that is strong! The Abeona backpack, for example, was laboratory tested.

B for Balance:

The straps must be adjustable so that the backpack sits nicely against the back of your child and is raised up on the shoulders… This makes it easier to do tricks !

N for No to 10 kg packs:

The weight of the loaded pack must not exceed 10% of the weight of your child... So you might as well choose a pack which is lightweight, when empty. For example, Newfeel's Vewai pack weighs only 580g when empty.

O for Organised:

Help your child to organise himself: what do you really need to take in your backpack today? the English dictionary will be of no use for your maths lessons... on the other hand... well, let's not go there.

R for Restart:

The backpacks have several compartments which allow, and even require you to distribute your teenager's belongings in an effective way… At last, a specific place the dictionary?

S for Stature:

Starting with the principle that a backpack is not a piece of armour, it should not be wider than the width of your child's back.

G for Good-looking:

Take care of the 5 previous points and leave him/her to choose of colour and design, to be sure to finish in a tie !


Do you know any tips or have any special advice for choosing a backpack? Feel free to contact us!*


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