How to choose your travel bag when going away for the weekend ?

Are you going away for the weekend or off on a business trip for a couple of days and wondering which bag to choose?

Bag or suitcase? 

This depends on the type of trip and how you are getting there. A suitcase is nice because you do not have to carry it, it is less tiring for your back and can hold a decent volume. If you are flying, you can take a small suitcase in the cabin, which is rather handy! Nevertheless, for a long weekend, a bag seems sensible. It is not easy to walk around in a town with many passers-by when you have to drag a suitcase with you. And a suitcase can sometimes be a hindrance!

When staying at a hotel, have you never had to leave the suitcase behind so that you could be free to walk around or got annoyed about having to come back and get it in the evening before you leave? With a bag there is no time wasted and you don't have to feel like everyone is watching you
because you have taken your suitcase with you to visit a museum !

The compromise ? The Backenger bag: 30L of versatility.

The Backenger is an everyday bag that goes from messenger bag to backpack in one fluid movement. The 30L model is ideal for carrying everything you need for travelling and combines the look of a messenger bag, for when you are walking around, and the comfort of a backpack, for when you need to walk quickly or for a long time.

What volume do I need?

This depends on how long you are going away for, how many people are going and how good you are at travelling light ;-). In general, for a long weekend we recommend a bag or suitcase with a volume of 30-35 litres. For shopping lovers, we offer a range of foldable bags and backpacks! They can be slipped into your luggage as you leave to make sure that you don't run out of space on the way back. See a selection here.

Tips on how to avoid pickpockets

This is a common worry when travelling. There are several accessories that can help you avoid this inconvenience. If, for example, you are worried about someone getting into your bag when you are on the underground, we offer a concealed money pouch that goes around your neck and discreetly under your T-shirt. 


Another advantage of the Backenger 2 in 1 bag presented earlier: you can put it in front of you in public transport so that you can keep an eye on your belongings. 



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