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How to choose your bag on the internet ?

Many people have had to face the size issue on the Internet! It's bad enough when you receive small bottles of water instead of the large one and a half litre versions, or some mini orange juice cartons instead of the large ones, with the straw to boot!  A bag is a much more serious matter! In order to avoid getting the bag you used for your snack when you were four years old (just right for the mini-cartons), here are a few words of advice to make sure you buy the right size of backpack.

1st reaction:

Check whether the website has any photos of the pack being worn… Unless the person wearing the pack is particularly small, these photos provide a better idea of the size of the pack.

2nd reaction:

If the e-commerce website does not provide any photos (so-called 'real life photos') feel free to type the product name into a search engine and click 'images'… you'll be sure to find the photo of the product in an environment that reveals the scale of the pack.

3rd reaction:

If, however, the first two tips do not work, check out the excellent product dimensions or features. For example, for the Abeona backpack, the quoted dimensions are 40X26X20. The first figure is the width of the pack, the second represents the height and finally the last one is the depth... wow… now all you have to do is get out your ruler or tape measure.

And finally for the purists, let's mention the capacity! The capacity is measured using a standardised method: at Newfeel, we use small balls to fill the main compartment as well as each pocket. Then we empty the balls into a graduated container, which gives us the equivalent volume in litres. A very good indicator for comparing several packs!

In the end, the issue of sizing on the Internet is not that complicated? Do you know of any other tips? Feel free to contact us about it !


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