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How to choose your backpack ?

Perfect for keeping your hands free on sports trips, a backpack is THE indispensable piece of luggage for carrying your sports gear and personal belongings. What size backpack should you choose? Which factors should you consider when making your purchase? Check our buyer's guide to find out !

Choosing the right size backpack 

Use this chart to help you decide...

how to choose your backpack


backpack newfeel decathlon

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Leaving for less than a day ?

To carry a few items that don't take up much space, such as an umbrella, water bottle, exercise clothes or sports outfit, or a pair of tennis shoes, choose a bag with a 10-litre capacity, such as the Abeona 10L bag.

comment choisir sac à dos newfeel sac à dos enfant sac enfant 10 litresOne more tip ?

This 10-litre backpack is perfect for kids ! For more details, don't miss our article on How to choose the right backpack for your child ?

Leaving for a full day ?

If you need to carry a few sports items and/or your laptop, we recommend choosing a backpack with a capacity of around 20 litres, such as the Abeona 300 20L or Abeona 500 20L backpacks. This size bag can also handle A4 format items as well as 15.4" laptops.

comment choisir sac à dos newfeel sac ordinateur pochette ordinateur

One more tip ?

Don't forget to check that your selected model has a laptop compartment in order to keep your computer well protected.

Leaving for a full day and have a sports activity during the day ?

We recommend choosing a backpack with a capacity of 30 litres,such as the Abeona 300 30L or Abeona 500 30L backpacks. This size will make it possible for you to hold your sports belongings.

comment choisir sac à dos newfeelOne more tip ?

If you want to carry your sports gear in addition to your personal belongings, choose a backpack with two large zip pockets. This will allow you to keep your bag well organised with sports gear in one pocket and your other items in the other !

Plus, because we know it can be difficult to tell the size of a backpack when looking online, we wrote an article specifically on the subject to help you when making your purchase. You can find it here: How to choose your backpack online

A handy backpack for getting around !

Once you've selected the right size, next it's time to think about the convenient storage options you need in a backpack. A practical backpack is one that includes several features such as :

  • front and/or side pockets for quick access to items which you need to have handy (public transport card, gym badge, etc.)
  • a removable pocket for your laptop computer, such as the one available in the Bayago 28L backpack
  • adjustable straps

Select your backpack for its carrying comfort

Be sure to demand quality when purchasing a backpack! Ideally, choose a backpack with padded straps and back for a soft comfortable experience, as well as aerated material that helps reduce perspiration on your back.

All our Newfeel backpacks are tested in the laboratory where the typical handling in everyday use is reproduced in order to guarantee quality and durability ! Find out more about our tests with this video.

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This is a burning subject in this period of recovery! It's time to fit out the family and particularly our young teenager who is going to college... Your children will certainly be asking you for a backpack that looks "so cool" in the playground, when your common sense is pushing you towards a practical schoolbag that is properly designed for the back... The fight is on!


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