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How to choose the right luggage ?

Preparing to travel but don't know what travel luggage to choose? What size should you take? Following are some tips to make sure you set off on your sports trip with peace of mind.

Choose the right size luggage

Typically, luggage comes in three sizes: 35 litres, 60 litres and 90 litres. We recommend choosing your travel luggage size based on the duration of your stay AND the number of people who you will be travelling with.

Use this chart to help you decide ...





60L 60L 90L
AS A COUPLE 35L 60L 60L 90L
AS A FAMILY 60L 90L 90L 90L
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Leaving for the weekend (2-3 days):

valise cabine bagage petit format

We recommend a bag with a volume of 30-35 litres. This small size (also called cabin luggage) is practical and easy to carry around. Want to get the most out of the space ? Don't miss our video on the best way to pack your bag : How to pack your bag

valise norme iata avion valise cabine low costTravelling by plane ?

It's important to check the size of your hand luggage when flying, as airlines are quite strict in terms of what they allow you to take on board. We recommend the TR 100 Newfeel, which is cabin size and has wheels.

Learn more about IATA regulations


Leaving for a week :

valise format moyen bagage moyen

We recommend a medium-size bag (60 litres). If you'll be walking a lot, the TR Sport Newfeel is ideal. This bag with wheels can also be carried like a backpack. It also has an expansion pack that lets you increase its volume should you need to!


Leaving for more than a week :

valise grand format

Choose a bag with a 90-litre volume. When selecting large size luggage, we recommend the Protect Newfeel bag with wheels. Its semi-rigid shell and compression straps are ideal for keeping your belongings safe and well protected during your sports trips.

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When heading out for several days of vacations or a trip, the standard size for a small suitcase/bag is 35L. But how to use the space wisely ? How to pack your belongings inside ? Will everything fit ? The Newfeel team knows these questions might be running through your head, so they put together a video that includes all the tips from our experts on how to make the best use of the space inside your bag !