How to choose the length of your Nordic walking poles

You should choose your Nordic walking poles according to your height. They must be capable of protecting your articulations. Find out how to choose the Nordic walking poles adapted to your height.

If you are in a store, then take a pair of poles. When standing up straight, holding your pole so it touches the ground, your shoulder should form a right angle.





To calculate the optimal height of your poles before visiting a store, or when ordering on, apply the following formula: multiply your height in centimetres by 0.68, and you will find the pole size that is right for you. If the result of this calculation is between two pole sizes, then you are advised to select the smaller size. For example, if you are 1 metre 67 tall, then calculate: 167x0.68 = 113.56. In this case, choose a 110 cm pole.

To make things simpler, you can also refer tot his table:

YOUR HEIGHT (cm) 150 - 161 162 - 169 170 - 176 177 - 183 184 - 191
POLE LENGHT (cm) 105 110 115 120 125

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