Comment sont testés les produits newfeel ?

How to become a Newfeel tester ?

At Newfeel, all our fitness walking products are tested by users, amateurs and enthusiasts. Our objective is simple: more comfort, high-tech features and pleasure when walking! So how are our products tested at Newfeel, and how can you join the adventure?

How are the product tests conducted?

At Newfeel, there are several types of tests:

- durability tests: at home over a period of several months

Tests are conducted independently during weekly fitness walking sessions. Testers receive the product for free at their home. It is then up to them to count up the number of hours and kilometres run with the product and then answer a questionnaire after 1 month, 2 months and 3 months of use.

- The laboratory tests: during the entire design phase
Our products are tested in the laboratory to evaluate certain product functions, like, for example, their flexibility, cushioning, grip or even the breathability of a pair of fitness walking shoes.

- The real-life tests in the field and in use: at a set location and on a specific date:

Other tests are conducted at a location and date that is set in advance in the advertisement, which is commonly at the international head office of Decathlon located at Villeneuve d’Ascq in the north of France. The tester must come to conduct the test on the set date in accordance with the instructions of the Newfeel field test engineering team.

The product is then subjected to a total of 5 different tests before its introduction on the market is validated.

Recruiting testers: how does this work?

In order to conduct the tests on our new products, we call on the walking community directly! Who could be better placed than the fitness and Nordic walkers themselves to test new equipment and give their advice?

Where can you find the advertisements for applying to become a Newfeel tester? The call for applicants is launched online and it includes all the testing details and the required walker profile. People are also recruited using advertisements in our stores.

What profile is needed to become a Newfeel tester?

The Newfeel tests are open to fitness and Nordic walking users, regardless of their level of ability. Whether you are a beginners or a regular user, you are welcome to give your opinion on our products! Gender, age and shoe size: each advertisement gives specific details about the required profile.

The tester must then be in a position to share their feelings about the product and thorough in the way they report this information.

What if you were one of the Newfeel testers?

As fitness and Nordic walkers, would you like to help us continue improving our products? Respond to an advertisement if your profile matches the description. Just create an account and fill in every part of your profile!

Please note: carefully check the location of the Newfeel test. Do not apply for a test to be conducted at Villeneuve-d’Ascq if you live 500 km away!

Most of the tests (95%) are conducted with products in the sample shoe size (i.e. size 6 for women, size 8.5 men and size 2 for children).

Thanks to you, fitness walking testers and users, we have been able to improve the quality and comfort of the Newfeel products!



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