Fitness, weight loss, health:benefits of nordic walking

All physical activity, practised regularly, brings positive benefits for your health and physical fitness. But all sports are different, and so are their health benefits. Nordic walking is good for the body, heart and mind !


Some sports improve your endurance, others work on your strength, flexibility, balance or coordination. The advantage of Nordic walking is that it develops all of these qualities ! 

In this video, the double world champion Olivier Capelli talks about the benefits of Nordic walking in the company of Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, Chief Doctor at the IRBMS (Institute for Well-Being, Medicine and Sports Health Research).

1 - Nordic walking is an excellent endurance sport

By alternating dynamic phases with slower phases, using poles specially designed for Nordic walking, this sport trains and improves your cardiac capacities. Frequently practising an endurance sport is excellent for your health and a great way to keep weight off permanently ! It is also rare for an outdoor sport to give you a great cardio workout whilst also working all the muscles in your body.

2 - Which muscles are working when you practice Nordic walking ?

Nordic walking poles are designed to propel you forwards, but they also have another feature: the movement of the Nordic walking poles amplifies the natural movement of walking and works the muscles of the shoulders, arms and abs as well as the buttock (gluteal) muscles and thigh muscles !


It is also interesting to consider the poles as an outdoor fitness accessory, used for muscle-strengthening exercises and flexibility training. During Nordic walking, the poles are oriented backwards to propel you forwards, rather than planted vertically in front of the body as they are in hiking.

Therefore, thanks to the use of the poles, Nordic walking tones the muscles and improves your flexibility, your balance and your arm/leg coordination. 


In addition to the enjoyment of an outdoor activity, Nordic walking is an excellent way to prevent certain illnesses and to stay healthy.

Nordic walking has a very positive effect on :

  • high cholesterol
  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • quality of life for asthmatics
  • heart rate at rest
  • bone strength and prevention of osteoporosis
  • joint suppleness

So what are you waiting for, get kitted up and discover Nordic walking, for fitness and weight loss and better all-round health !


Have you heard of Nordic walking and want to find out more about this increasingly popular sport ? Virgile Van-Rampelbergh, Nordic walking coach for the French Athletics Federation tells you everything about this comprehensive and dynamic sport, which has so many benefits for body and mind !

marche nordique randonnée

Nordic walking and hiking are two sports that both involve the use of poles, but on different terrains: flat terrains (tarmac, pathways) for Nordic walking and uneven terrain (mountains, hills) for hiking. So it is necessary to use the right poles, because they do not all meet the same needs. Let's see how they work.


Using Nordic walking poles properly allows you to master the most fundamental Nordic walking technique: moving the poles to better propel yourself on to new walking sensations.


Nordic walking poles are the characteristic feature of this complete sport. Thanks to Nordic walking poles, this sport works out all of the body's muscles. Without them there would be no such thing as Nordic walking! Find out about all of the elements that make a Nordic walking pole with Olivier Capelli, double Nordic walking world champion.