Do you want to lose a few kilos...but the scales aren't pointing in the right direction? Charles Aisenberg, sports medicine specialist at INSEP (French Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance) recommends walking for feeling more in tune with your body. Forget stressful diets and walk to lose weight!

Fitness walking: the ideal solution for losing a few pounds

To lose weight and slim, here are a couple of things you can do: eat a varied diet, without any specific restrictions, while practising a physical activity, such as fitness walking. When practised regularly, this will burn off energy.

This endurance activity, which is easily accessible for most people, will transform fat into energy that can be used by the muscles while exercising.

Fast walking, which is less restrictive than running, cycling or swimming, will reduce fat at a comparable rate to that of these sports. When fast walking at 8 km/h, your average energy expenditure will be 610 kcal/h, compared with 690 kcal/h when running at 10 km/h.

• Good to know: fast walking, or active walking, is recommended if you are overweight. unlike running, there are no repeated impacts with the ground. your joints (ankles, hips and knees) have to bear almost twice your bodyweight when running. you can be sure that your joints will soon feel the benefits: fast walking means less pain, more pleasure!

Your body is like natural weighing scales

The human body works like a set of scales, with the energy intake on one side and the energy expenditure on the other.

The intake comes from the food and drink that you consume during the day. As for the expenditure, this is boosted by practising a sport, sleeping or other more unpleasant everyday factors such as stress.

To lose weight quickly and easily, without regaining it later on, it is essential to control one's energy intake with fast walking. the advantage of a physical activity is that it helps to achieve long-term weight loss by taking care of your health, unlike other diets, with excessively high objectives, that often do not achieve results over time and are very tiring.

The most important point is to give yourself time and stay motivated to achieving the objectives you have set by monitoring your activity in a training log.

Where do your muscles draw their energy and burn off calories?

During endurance exercises like your next fast walking session, your muscles will find the energy they need in the following:

• Sugars: the glucose that is present in the blood, the glycogen reserves stored in the muscles and liver

• Lipids: the fat stored in the muscles and the adipose tissues.

To lose weight quickly with fast walking, the body must therefore eliminate fat, i.e. lipids. How much time do you need to walk in order to lose weight? It is after the 30th minute of walking that you will start to eliminate the most fat, with the corresponding weight loss.

If you want to know how to lose weight and you are tired of diets, then walk! With fast walking, slimming becomes a pleasure.

Jeanick Landormy, a fitness walking coach, also recommends that you  follow this training plan to lose weight.