roll through-foot

Fitness walking - the art of rolling through your foot!

What is the difference between everyday walking and fitness walking? The foot motion! In the first case, foot motion is done unconsciously; in the second, it is completely controlled. With fitness walking, it is important to roll through your foot properly to develop your muscles without injuring yourself. Lace up your fitness walking shoes and take your first step!

Learn how to "walk properly" by fitness walking

Despite its gentle pace, fitness walking forces your body to make an effort. When you move, you transfer your weight load from one foot to the other. Fitness walkers' technique therefore lies in this foot motion, which enables them to bear their weight without suffering it. This is a very important nuance!

To protect your joints, you must therefore be careful to make a balanced weight transfer between the foot striking the ground and the other propelling you with your toes.

  Roll through your foot, from your heel to your toes

The goal is to obtain a wider range of motion by rolling through the entire length of your foot: from the heel to the toes.  

In practice, you should feel the toes of your left foot pushing the ground while the heel of your right foot is striking the ground.


1 - Place your heel

Gently place your heel flat. The impact with the ground is better cushioned and spread over a bigger surface area. This gesture protects your foot joints. There is a greater risk of injury when you speed up your stride by pounding the ground with your entire foot.

Correct heel-to-toe transition, especially how you place your heel, enables you to walk lightly!


2 - Roll through your foot

Once your foot is on the ground, completely roll through your foot so that you feel your joints moving smoothly.  

This specific fitness-walking gesture short-circuits any ground impact that could have repercussions on your knees, hips and back. Listen to your body to hone your heel-to-toe transition.


3 - Propel yourself with your toes

Your foot is now flat and it's time to "push the ground" vigorously with your toes.

Our tip: to successfully perform this motion, which is not always intuitive, imagine that you want to show the heels of your shoes to the person following you!

Do not neglect this propulsion since it is what enables you to move forward, increasing your walking power and speed. By completely controlling this gesture, you exercise the muscles in your feet, legs, thighs and buttocks.

As you will have realized: walking properly is something you have to learn! It is a prerequisite for a light, well-paced stride in perfect coordination with your arm motion.

Have you successfully accomplished this first step? Tell us about your first experiences of fitness walking and share your great tips!