Feet in figures!

Our feet allow us to stand up and move around. So let's take a closer look at these two extremities that let us walk and keep our balance! Without going into mathematical detail, we can still take a look at some figures! The number of tiny parts that make up our feet is just incredible; you'll be amazed!

Human beings have two feet with five toes on each! Surprised yet? Let's go into more detail...

A foot contains:

✓  26 bones

✓  107 ligaments

✓  16 joints supported by the ligaments

✓  20 muscles held in place by tendons

And it's thanks to this system that we take an average of 270 million steps over our lifetime! Yes, as many as that! Back to everyday life, did you know that most people take over 6000 steps a day?

What's more, our feet host a concentration of over 7500 nerve endings linked to different organs and parts of our body! The arch of the foot is one of the parts of the human body that contains the most nerve endings. That's why our feet are so sensitive, and why massaging this area can relax the whole body.

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