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Practise sports without spending a fortune? Try walking!

All those who have never been put off by the cost of a sport, raise your hand. No-one? That's a piece of luck! With walking, you won't have to spend a fortune.

There is a sports discipline with which you can combine all the aspects of a balanced lifestyle without spending a fortune. It will hardly lighten your wallet at all. Your health will be the antidote to a wide range of issues. It will massively boost your motivation. Portrait of a sport that will win you over, if this isn't the case already.

1 - Minimal and relatively inexpensive equipment: walk without emptying your wallet

When you get home: today is the day: we are going to go for a walk when we get home. Our beautiful fitness walking shoes are just waiting to be used. It's simple: And we're off!

As you will have realised, walking does not require a big investment. All you need is some clothing that offers good value for money and in which you feel good plus some walking shoes. This is a powerful argument bearing in mind that, for some people, walking is a means to starting or getting back into sport after a break.


2 - A moment just for youwalking without losing your motivation

Some people love the peace and serenity that fast walking provides. This may apply to you. These walks provide an opportunity to focus on yourself and on the benefits of the outdoor environment on your body.

Have no doubt about all that you gain from this, including the extent of your physical capacities: an incredible source of motivation. And even the possibility of being more effective in your daily tasks.

And if you prefer walking with other people, fitness walking is an activity that could also be right for you. It's easier to get motivated to do a sport! I can already see you jumping at the chance to call your walking friends.


3 - Anywhere, any time:walk without wasting your time

The main advantage of fitness walking is the wide range of options available.

In the city centre, between 12 noon and 1pm, as you go to buy a sandwich with your colleagues. On Saturday afternoon, in the middle of the countryside close to where you live, as ever accompanied by Rover, your Jack Russell. Or in a park with Nadine, your fitness walking partner. You can also make plentiful use of the treadmill in the gym at work – that's what it's for!

Regardless of the place or time of day that you choose, with fitness walking: you choose from the range of options! The advantage? You will discover new places.


4 - Good for the body and good for the mind: walking without damaging your health

No need to be an expert in respiratory medicine to be aware that nothing can be better than fresh air. Pure fresh air, in which you enjoy breathing in deeply. Indeed, how many times did your parents ask you air your bedroom? And now, you are the one putting a damper on things when you realise that you are demanding the same of your children?

Even if it means adding a touch of modernity to your parenting, when compared to that of your parents, why not just ask them to join you in getting a breath of fresh air? The reason why there is no age limit for walking is probably because the benefits of this sport are universal. Makes sense, don't you agree? What's more, there is a pasture with donkeys just a few miles from where you live. Great! You can give them the peelings of the grated carrots you ate for lunch. Off you go!


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