Discovering Nordic walking

Are you looking for a comprehensive, dynamic and accessible sport? Nordic walking is made for you! Thanks to the Nordic walking poles, this activity uses all the muscles in your body from your head to your feet. Well-being, fitness and health will be your rewards with the "Discovering Nordic Walking" programme, designed as an introduction to this ultra-comprehensive sport and a guide to mastering your Nordic walking poles!

In just 4 sessions, learn how to use your Nordic walking poles correctly and maximise the benefits of this outdoor sport!

Session 1 - Master the correct technique in just 50 minutes

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, walk naturally letting your poles drag along behind you. Grab the handles and walk for 10 minutes using the right technique. Repeat twice, then stretch for 10 minutes.

Session 2: Master synchronisation in just 50 minutes

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, 30 minutes of Nordic walking using full movements with the poles. Plant the poles into the ground towards the rear, in time with your steps. To finish the session, do stretches for 10 minutes.

Session 3: Tone up your arms using your walking poles in just 50 minutes

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, 30 minutes of Nordic walking practising full movements: once your poles hit the ground, push hard and open your hand up totally when it gets level with your hip. Don't forget to do your stretches afterwards!

Session 4: Learn how to walk downhill when Nordic walking in just 60 minutes

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, 40 minutes of Nordic walking including 1 or 2 slight ascents or descents to accentuate your cardio workout. When ascending, slow your pace and push harder on the poles, but take care when descending: the poles are there to prevent you from falling. Finally, do stretches for 10 minutes.


Using Nordic walking poles properly allows you to master the most fundamental Nordic walking technique: moving the poles to better propel yourself on to new walking sensations.