Faites découvrir la marche sportive à vos proches

This Christmas, introduce your friends and family to fitness walking!

Now that you are hooked on fitness walking, would you like to share your favourite pastime with your friends and family? Christmas is an excellent opportunity to introduce this sport to your friends and family!

Fitness walking, a simple activity in which everyone can participate!

First and foremost, fitness walking is a natural and simple activity, in which everyone can participate and which is practised to feel good and stay in shape. Fitness walking can be used to develop endurance, improve breathing, tone the body and increase cardiac capacity.

After a fitness walking session, you feel relaxed, full of energy and excited about the prospect of getting back out for another walk! Why not suggest a family outing or plan a getaway with friends by combining the benefits and pleasures of fitness walking ?

Fitness walking training, there's always somewhere to go that is close at hand

Fitness walking can be done anywhere, whether you are in the city or in the countryside. No need to go to the gym to start!

Recommend a relatively flat route to your friends and family in order to start gently. This is an excellent type of terrain for getting some fresh air, while preserving fitness levels.

Don't hesitate to tell your friends about the beginner fitness walking training programme in order to attain a speed of 6 km/h and make the most of the benefits of this walking pace.

Although it is indeed a sport, it is a gentle on the body!

Fitness walking has excellent health benefits and the advantage of being a soft sporting discipline. Are your friends and family the kind of people who haven't practised any sport for a number of years? Fitness walking is for you!

It is a sport that is gentle on the body and the joints given that the impacts are significantly reduced because one foot is always in contact with the ground.

At Christmas time, after or between the family meals, plan an inter-generational fitness walking outing with your family. This will get you outdoors and help to eliminate some of the excesses of Christmas while giving you the opportunity to introduce them to fitness walking and its technique!

To give yourself a treat, all you need is a pair of fitness walking shoes!

This is certainly one of the reasons why this sport is so easily available: In order to start fitness walking there is no need for any complicated equipment or extended check-list! All you need is a pair of fitness walking shoes, designed to fulfil the requirements of your feet while you walk.

If you are seeking to offer your friends and family a pair of fitness walking shoes to encourage them to engage in the sport, remember that flexibility is crucial. The movement of the foot must not be hindered by shoes that are too rigid. Another necessary quality of fitness walking shoes is cushioning because it absorbs the shocks of your heel hitting the ground.

Newfeel has a full range of fitness walking shoes combining flexibility, rebound and breathability for people of every level of ability, from the beginner to the specialist walker!

After the festive meals, an outing to be introduced to fitness walking is just the ticket. Make the suggestion and go out with your friends and family!


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