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Fitness and Nordic walking are both sports that can be done whenever you want. You can even walk indoors when it comes to fitness walking! Walking indoors is sometimes a tempting option when the weather conditions are not good... But you must admit that walking outdoors, in a park or by the water's edge, is always more inspiring for your mind as well as for your body!
Are you put off by the idea of slipping on your fitness walking shoes and taking up your Nordic walking poles in winter? Even if it's harder to motivate yourself to go walking when it's cold, the following 5 good reasons to keep walking in winter will change your mind!
Practising a sport from time to time is great. Practising a sport every day is even better! Walking daily exercises the entire body, reduces stress and helps keep you healthy. But in order to reap the benefits of fitness walking, you need to have some spare time…
Each change of season has repercussions on your body. With the arrival of autumn and winter, have you thought about fitness walking or Nordic walking to boost your immune system and protect yourself against those winter illnesses that ruin your daily life? Walking prevents colds!
Get started in December if you want to be in top shape for the festive season and not put on a single ounce. To prepare your body for the festive season feasts and avoid the January detox, keep walking as regularly as possible: it's good for you!
The more time you spend sitting down, the worse it is for your heart. Walking is a simple and effective way to look after your health and avoid the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
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Are fitness and Nordic walking individual sports? Often regarded as a sport to be done alone, fitness and Nordic walking can also be experienced in a group. We asked several walkers why they prefer walking in a group. Don't go it alone any more, dare to team up with other people!
Marche sportive ou marche nordique
You can't decide between fitness or Nordic walking?If you're looking for a gentle endurance sport, then they are both right for you. All you need to do now is decide which suits you best depending on the subtle differences. We explain the similarities and differences so you can make a choice between Nordic and fitness walking!