Autumn: the ideal walking season?

It's autumn! And you think that puts an end to your daily walking sessions? Well, you're wrong! You'll want to get your walking shoes on and enjoy autumn's mild temperatures and nature's stunning colours. Autumn might just be the best season for walking...  

Perfect walking weather

When the weather is hot in summer, you often have to wait until early morning or dusk to exercise.The weather in autumn is usually milder: it's not too hot, nor too cold...perfect for exercising outdoors. And no need to set your alarm. You can walk for hours, even in the middle of the afternoon if you like!

We recommend you choose your walking shoes a size bigger than your everyday shoes: when you walk, your feet swell, increasing the possibility of chafing which causes blisters.Wearing fitness or Nordic walking shoes that are too small can cause blisters. It's a shame to have to stop walking because of a nasty blister!

Tip no. 2: Never head out for a long walk with new walking shoes: wear them in first!

Watch nature changing every day

Walking is a great way to disconnect from your daily routine. There's not a screen in sight, so breathe in and admire the beauty of your surroundings. Nature is at its best in autumn! The stunning and constantly changing palette of oranges create a beautiful spectacle. Take time to observe the colours, listen to dead leaves crunching under your feet, breathe in the odour of humus...And before you head for home, gather a few chestnuts or figs, or hunt for some mushrooms!

Walk to stay in shape after the summer holidays

In autumn, nature slows down to prepare for winter: perhaps we should do the same? Take time out of your busy day to walk. It's the ideal chance to centre yourself after the stress of going back to work or school. Leave the pressure behind and recharge your batteries. The benefits of walking are now well recognised: weight loss, fitness and stress relief.It's ideal for staying in good mental and physical shape!

Stock up on energy before winter

In winter, the days are shorter and there is less sun. To prepare yourself, take advantage as much as possible during autumn! The goal? Start a regular training plan and get your fill of vitamin D. You no longer need to fear the beginning of winter...and you will be in good spirits until spring!

Mix summer and winter gear

Does putting your summer walking gear away give you the blues? Don't panic! You can wear them for a bit longer... Autumn weather is an unpredictable mix of Indian summer and grey humidity. Try layering your summer and winter gear to suit autumn weather.

Come on! Get your walking shoes on and have a positive autumn!