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Race walking is part of the athletics category of sports. Race walking is walking as fast as possible over a set distance, keeping one foot in contact with the ground at all times. It doesn't require much material and is accessible to all.
Fitness walking, whether it is fast or Nordic walking, is an excellent sports activity for losing weight that is often practised for improving the figure. It's true that this endurance sport is a way of gently recovering or maintaining one's ideal weight. These 3 factors have a direct influence on the number of calories expended during each of your fitness walking sessions.
Going outdoors when it's raining requires a fair amount of enthusiasm! It's not enough to sing the words to 'Singin' in the rain,' to enjoy walking in a downpour… and yet, here's a good opportunity to explore the town in a new way.
At Newfeel, all our Nordic and fitness walking products are tested by users, amateurs and enthusiasts.Our objective is simple: more comfort, high-tech features and pleasure when walking! So, how are Newfeel products tested?
Fitness walking is an endurance sport. By completing 3 walking sessions per week and eating a balanced diet, you will feel all the benefits of fitness walking. Here is a 1hr training session for you to enjoy at your own rhythm and as much as you like!
7 tips-to-stay-motivated
Staying motivated is the key for achieving your sporting goals. Yet sometimes putting on your fitness walking shoes feels like a bind, due to a lack of time or enthusiasm. Emmanuel Lassalle, a race walker from Grand Fond, has a few tips to keep you motivated.
Stretching exercises are just as essential to a comprehensive fast walking session as making the correct feet and arm movements. They are important as they bring oxygenated blood to your muscles, thus making them more supple. These exercises will allow you to become more flexible, and to avoid cramps and injuries (tears or strains).
Nordic walking and fitness walking are gentle sports activities that have many similar benefits. However, switching from fitness walking to Nordic walking requires some adaptation, especially for learning to use the poles properly. Let's look at the details!
We sleep 1½ hours on average less than we did 50 years ago [1]! 73 % of French people wake up at night [2] and 36 % claim they have problems sleeping. A large number of people are unhappy with the way this affects their daily life Walking, and especially Nordic walking, can be an excellent way of regulating your sleep and helping you get the rest you need!