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The more time you spend sitting down, the worse it is for your heart. Walking is a simple and effective way to look after your health and avoid the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
When it comes to fitness walking, it's often thought that only the lower body muscles are used. Although these are the main muscles involved in walking, other muscle groups are also used, in particular the heart, abdominal muscles, the arms and the back.
After the holidays, have you challenged yourself to resume or discover the pleasures of walking to keep fit? It is the simplest, most effective physical exercise to take care of yourself. Here are 5 tips to start exercising again easily by walking, whether fitness or Nordic walking!
walking-with-several other people
Are fitness and Nordic walking individual sports? Often regarded as a sport to be done alone, fitness and Nordic walking can also be experienced in a group. We asked several walkers why they prefer walking in a group. Don't go it alone any more, dare to team up with other people!
Sport is good for your health... but you already knew that. But did you know that a physical activity can also help you look after your mental health? Discover the anti-stress effects of fitness walking. Take the opportunity to discover another aspect of this truly comprehensive sport!
Fitness walking, like all sports, makes your body temperature rise. Perspiration is the body's natural temperature regulator, but here's the downside: this excess water and salt in your fitness walking shoes often makes them uncomfortable, and can lead to blisters and unpleasant odours. Our handy smart tips for untying your shoes... with no unpleasant surprises!
Marche sportive ou marche nordique
You can't decide between fitness or Nordic walking?If you're looking for a gentle endurance sport, then they are both right for you. All you need to do now is decide which suits you best depending on the subtle differences. We explain the similarities and differences so you can make a choice between Nordic and fitness walking!
You think you don't really need a carry bag for your Nordic walking poles? Have you already used one? You'll change your mind if you take transport with your poles, or go away for the weekend or on holidays!