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this winter, your efforts deserve a fitness walking reward
You deserve a rest after your physical exercise! Nothing could be more motivating than being rewarded after an intensive walk. Although the festive period is now over, January is not the time to stop enjoying yourself: you deserve it.
Do you think that having a knee problem means you can't exercise? Or perhaps you've tried taking a break, but your knee pain keeps coming back when you start exercising again? We're here to help you understand why and show you what you can do to change this.
Tying up your fitness walking shoes properly
Tying up your shoe laces is child's play, right? Not necessarily… blister formation and discomfort while walking can be due to badly tied up shoe laces! Find out how to remedy this.
fitness walking shoes
Did you know that in fitness walking, just like in Nordic walking, the foot motion plays a very important role? Why should you work on this foot motion, and how? Discover the secrets of the Xtense technology, which could really help you in your walking.
Take advantage of the holidays to walk with your family
Walking is sacred to you. But you can't say the same thing about your other half or your children.You don't often all walk together. The holidays are your chance to change habits and try new experiences together. So why not try to take your family walking? Here are some good arguments that might just convince them!
Walking in a park, being in contact with nature, considerably reduces stress and makes you feel better. You need more energy? Consider the following five points if you decide to add a walk to your daily routine to help you relax!
When you start fitness walking, you pay attention to rolling out your foot properly, swinging your arms and breathing rhythmically... But have you ever thought about the position your back is in? Fitness walking is a good way to strengthen your back muscles and say goodbye to back pain! This is why… and how!