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Why choose between your fast walking session and spending time with your dog? So mix the pleasure of walking with that of spending some time with your doggy!
Nordic walking, it's child's play
Interested in getting your children to take up a sporting activity? In order to motivate them and help them get started, you must find an activity they enjoy and which is suitable for their age! If you're into Nordic walking, why not take them along with you?This gentle sport, which can be taken up at a very young age, helps with psychomotor development and is a chance for the whole family to spend time together and get moving. Sound good?
fitness walking shoes
Of course, lazy days are one of the real pleasures of going on holiday. But relaxing does not have to mean doing nothing, quite the contrary. It's the perfect time to take up or continue a sports activity: fitness walking or Nordic walking. This is the year when you come back super fit from your holidays!
Does the thought of completing 10,000 steps a day, as recommended by the WHO, make your head spin? There's no need to worry as we will show you how to gradually reach this figure.
this winter, your efforts deserve a fitness walking reward
You deserve a rest after your physical exercise! Nothing could be more motivating than being rewarded after an intensive walk. Although the festive period is now over, January is not the time to stop enjoying yourself: you deserve it.
Do you think that having a knee problem means you can't exercise? Or perhaps you've tried taking a break, but your knee pain keeps coming back when you start exercising again? We're here to help you understand why and show you what you can do to change this.
Tying up your fitness walking shoes properly
Tying up your shoe laces is child's play, right? Not necessarily… blister formation and discomfort while walking can be due to badly tied up shoe laces! Find out how to remedy this.
fitness walking shoes
Did you know that in fitness walking, just like in Nordic walking, the foot motion plays a very important role? Why should you work on this foot motion, and how? Discover the secrets of the Xtense technology, which could really help you in your walking.