5 tips for starting autumn in great shape

After the Summer holidays you have decided to challenge yourself and (re)discover the pleasure of walking to stay in shape? Walking is the simplest and most effective way to look after after yourself. Here are 5 tips for getting back in shape thanks to walking, whether it be fitness or nordic!

1 – Start slowly

Do not try to make up for the lost time over the holidays when you start. Start gently without forcing yourself, rather than training intensely. Take time to warm up by walking at your own pace, then start with 2 sessions of 30 to 45 minutes per week. You will have plenty of time to do more after a few sessions.

2 – Be regular: it's the best way to get the most out of walking

Whatever your objective (well-being, weight loss, gaining muscle…), walking is a long term commitment. If you intend to take advantage of all the benefits of this endurance sport, keep confident. You will get satisfaction if you are patient.

3 – First and foremost, think pleasure!

Listen to your body. The main motivation for practising a sport is pleasure, isn't it?Your walking session is a special moment for you - time-out to take care of yourself. Moderation means you will enjoy yourself - and want to start again as soon as possible!

4 – Plan your sessions

There's nothing like a personalised programme to keep you motivated! By planning your fitness walking sessions, etiher following a special training programme or creating your own, you will be more motivated. And why not keep track of your progress in a training journal? Another good idea for staying motivated!

5 – Why not alternate fitness walking with nordic walking?

If you have decided to start walking to get fit, it's important to know that both fitness walking and nordic walking are suited to everyone, whatever your shape, age or objective.

It's said that changing your route as often as possible is a good idea to avoid boredom, but alternating fitness walking with nordic walking is also a good way to vary the pleasure.


Staying motivated is the key for achieving your sporting goals. Emmanuel Lassalle, a race walker from Grand Fond, has a few tips to keep you motivated.


Fitness walking is a simple and affordable physical activity accessible to all.But this sport has many benefits which contribute to improving physical and mental well-being.