5 tips to get organised and walk as often as possible

A Nordic walking (or fitness walking) session lasts for an average of 1-2 hours: including warm-up, walking and stretching. Don't even think about skipping the warm-up, which will keep you free from injury, or stretching, which limits stiffness. Yet, with work, kids, housework and transport... finding time for your walking sessions can be a real headache. Here are a few tips to help you practise your favourite sport more often!

1. Practise during your lunch break

This is an easy solution: all you need is your clothes in a bag, some water and walking shoes! And you'll be ready to go on a walking session once or twice a week at lunchtime. What's the ideal plan to ensure you stick to it? Suggest your colleagues discover the benefits or Nordic or fitness walking by coming with you. You will be a lot more efficient after getting some fresh air without getting tired. Consider taking some wipes, a little towel and a deodorant, so you can freshen up before restarting work!

2. Always keep a set of sports clothes at work

There is a two-fold advantage to having your sports clothes (and poles!) at work or in your car. You will be ready at the starting-blocks to join your walking group or Nordic walking club directly after work. You can thus avoid the laziness that will be lying in wait if you head home! On the other hand, if you don't live too far from work, you can go home on foot: give it a try and you will see how enjoyable it is! You won't cut into your evening and will arrive home completely relaxed.

3. Set your alarm a little earlier

Why not set your alarm one hour earlier to go walking? Those who try this approach notice that, once they have got through the first few days and established a new morning ritual, they are a lot more effective for the rest of the day. But it has to be said that walking should be fun and not everyone is a morning person.

4. Create a routine you can adopt easily

Each to his own. Some of us prefer a Nordic walking club two evenings a week. Other prefer fitness walking as a group every Sunday morning, while still others like to go to or from work on foot almost every day... It doesn't matter which routine you create; the important thing is to stick to it and feel good!

5. Practise as a family or with your friends at the weekend!

Children love trying out Nordic walking poles and will ensure you all have fun. Just like running, Nordic and fitness walking can be practised with children who prefer bikes, roller skates or skateboards. And in any case, whether you prefer Nordic or fitness walking, you will be able to enjoy a chat with your friends...