5 good reasons for walking, even in winter

Does the idea of putting on a pair of fitness walking shoes and grabbing your Nordic walking poles during the winter leave you cold? Even if it is more difficult to find the motivation to go out walking when it's cold, the following 5 good reasons for continuing walking in winter will help you change your mind!

1 – You expend more calories when it's cold

It's a well-known fact that we tend to eat more in winter than in summer in order to combat the cold. If you are worried about your figure in winter, it is worth knowing that your body will consume more calories when it's cold, in order to keep your body warm.

The cold therefore stimulates the consumption of calories in addition to the exertion due to the exercising of your muscles (thighs, buttocks and arms) during fitness walking as well as Nordic walking. A good reason for getting outdoors?

2 – Practising sport when it's cold gives the heart a more intense workout

Walking, which is a gentle activity that improves endurance, helps to boost the capacity of your heart. When it's cold, the body seeks to maintain its internal temperature at a constant level of about 37°C, by increasing the flow of blood. The heart will therefore pump more quickly and become stronger.


"When it's cold, you need to set yourself lower targets and keep warm if you suffer from heart problems. The heart will work harder than usual thereby consuming more energy than it would normally consume. This will deprive your muscles of some of this energy. So you need to conserve your energy!" - Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, IRBMS

3 – Practising sport in winter reduces illnesses

By practising fitness walking and Nordic walking in winter, given the corresponding effort required, your body will gradually get used to the cold. This will be of benefit to you: you will get ill less often because of the strengthening of your body against the attacks of winter germs! 


However, take care to wear the right kit when walking in cold weather.

"When the temperature falls below -5°C, you should avoid going outdoors to practise sport because this is when sport in winter begins to be hazardous for you and your health!" - Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, IRBMS

4 – When outdoors, you benefit from the natural light and the open air!

Even if it feels cold and the sun does not look as if it is going to come out, spending some time in daylight is no luxury as it helps to maintain high spirits. What's more, you benefit from the fresh air and get more oxygen into your system. So don't hesitate to go out for a walk during your lunch break. Put together, all these benefits will eliminate tension, help you to sleep better and combat any seasonal despondency!

5 – It's free!

We can never repeat it enough, but for the price of a membership at the gym, power walking as well as Nordic walking only involves buying a pair of trainers designed for the sport and some Nordic walking poles if you walk with poles!

Apart from this, the parks and gardens are at your disposal whenever you want and with whom you want to ensure that you feel in great shape throughout the winter! 



During winter, don't abandon your power walking just because of the cold and wind! Equip yourself from head to toe against the cold and adjust your walking speed. Read our 5 tips for keeping your motivation during your winter sessions!


The only time you can practice fast walking or Nordic walking is early in the morning or late in the evening. As a result, you are worried about getting demotivated as autumn approaches and the days get shorter. View the night as the ideal opportunity to rediscover the joy of walking as long as you follow the 4 recommendations below!


Fitness walking is a simple and affordable physical activity accessible to all.But this sport has many benefits which contribute to improving physical and mental well-being.