5 answers to the worst questions that people ask walkers

Have you recently caught the bug for active walking and your friends and family are wondering what has got into you? Here's how to answer the most commonly asked questions, without losing motivation. Maybe you have even convinced them to join you in discovering all the pleasures of active walking!

1 – Walking isn't really a sport, is it?

Sport doesn't have to mean blood, sweat and tears at all costs! Walking is an excellent health-improving sport. It works your breathing, your heart and almost all the muscles in your body: not only your leg muscles but also your arm and abdominal muscles thanks to the movement of the arms.

2 – Have you tried running instead?

Isn't sports walking just the first step towards running? Whilst active walking is recommended for all beginner runners, it still remains a sport in its own right.

Active walking is strongly recommended by many doctors, as it is a sport which is very gentle on joints!

3 – What is the point in walking so far to come back to the same spot?

This is the advantage of active walking: it's possible to extend the pleasure! By walking at your own pace, you are practising sport without becoming out of breath. Moreover, if you are looking to lose weight, you should aim to walk for a long period because the longer you walk, the more calories you will burn in converting the energy needed for the effort from your fat reserves. There is no reason not to enjoy the benefits of walking for as long as possible!

4 – Why not spend Sunday mornings enjoying a lie-in instead?

People perhaps tend to think that only a lie-in can recharge their batteries and renew their positive energy...Active walking is an excellent sport for getting out in the fresh air and provides a great start to your week. An early morning walk starts your day on the right foot, it's the best thing for fully enjoying your weekend and gives you the energy to do all the things you want to do!

5 – Why do you walk so slowly?

This must be the most annoying question posed to walkers... With active walking, all styles and speeds are acceptable. You can walk at any speed you like which relaxes you the most and you will progress at your body's own pace. Active walking should remain a pleasurable sport! The best motivator is to find walking partners who also walk at your pace, you will then train and progress together.


Why do they say that fitness walking is a complete sport? Fitness walking, active or fast, works not only lower muscles. In addition to working out the thighs and gluteals, fitness walking also strengthens the entire upper body, especially the arms and abdominals.


Do you want to start or get back into sport? There are plenty of sports and exercise activities out there, but sometimes you may worry that you are too out of shape, that they will be too much for you, or that you will run out of breath or motivation. So why not give fitness walking a try? We walk every day without thinking about it and we may think we know everything there is to know about this almost innate activity. But how about if you picked up the pace over a long period?