4 recommendations for walking at night time

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The only time you can practice fast walking or Nordic walking is early in the morning or late in the evening. As a result, you are worried about getting demotivated as autumn approaches and the days get shorter. View the night as the ideal opportunity to rediscover the joy of walking as long as you follow the 4 recommendations below!

1 – Stay illuminated: seeing and being seen is your priority


As night falls or it is already dark, it is very important to be watchful of your immediate surroundings (potholes, puddles, branches strewn across your path, etc.) to avoid falling or having wet feet for the rest of your session.

Take a lamp with you, whether it is mounted on your forehead or chest: the most important thing is knowing how to use it and being certain that the batteries will not run out during your outing!

In order to be seen: wear light-coloured clothing and reflective armbands for your arms and legs. You can even get reflective strips to stick on your clothing – nothing must be spared to ensure your safety!

2 – Route, clothing: prepare well for your night-time session

Preferably choose a route that you know well. Don't be too adventurous. Finding your bearings is more difficult when night has fallen or the sun is not yet risen. So prepare your route properly to avoid any nasty surprises!

What's more, the temperature will drop as night falls. Wear warm clothing, as long as it is not uncomfortable. As you will find it more difficult to find your bearings, it is very important that you feel comfortable in your sports clothing as well is your fitness walking shoes! Have you read our advice on walking in cold conditions?

3 – Take time to warm up

Early in the morning, your body is not yet fully awake. At the end of the day, you will be tired. Whether you are an early bird or night owl, warming up is extremely important in order to have an excellent session and prepare for the next time!

For power walking as well as Nordic walking, start slowly, walking at your natural pace for 10 minutes and then accelerate to your cruising speed. 


4 – Make the most of it, enjoy yourself!

At night, everything is more calm: there is less traffic, less noise. Everything feels different. According to our technical partner, Emmanuel Lassalle, 'at night, points of reference disappear and it feels as if you are on a different route. I love taking full advantage of this new world!'.

Night-time is not an obstacle. It should be seen as an opportunity to enjoy yourself even more.

If, however, fast or Nordic walking at night is still not your thing, remember that some stadiums have extended opening hours, allowing you to train on a floodlit track, even at night!

Are you ready to give it a go? Do you like walking at night?

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