4 recommendations for preventing foot perspiration

Power walking, like any other power activity, causes the body temperature to rise. The purpose of perspiration is to naturally regulate the body temperature, however: this surplus water and salt in your power walking shoes often causes discomfort, blisters and unpleasant odours. Our practical and smart solutions for untying your shoelaces… without any unpleasant surprises!

1 - Before a power walking session: prepare your feet 

Perspiration occurs primarily during physical exercise. But did you know that this natural phenomenon is also stimulated by other factors? Fatigue, stress or even being slightly overweight can be factors.

Before each power walking session, you need to spend some time taking care of a key aspect of power walking: your feet!

Actions to improve your well-being before going out for a walk:

  • a regular clean;
  • a scrub to remove dead skin and allow the skin to breathe more easily;
  • a foot bath in a sage decoction with anti-perspirant virtues;
  • the application of anti-perspirant cream (which usually contains fragrances as well!) or a scrub with an alum stone.

Before putting on your shoes, make sure that your feet are completely dry: remove any sign of moisture without forgetting to check between your toes!

2 - While walking: preferably choose ventilated power walking shoes

In order to practice power walking you need to choose the right pair of shoes. In order to avoid the feeling of having wet feet, the best is to prevent your feet from overheating. Preferably choose ventilated power walking shoes!

  • Further information: All the Newfeel power walking footwear are composed of mesh which is a material that facilitates moisture transfer.

3 - Socks, the "anti-perspirant" solution for power walking!

Let's face it:in summer, there is a strong inclination to wear your power walking shoes barefoot. However, wearing socks has a number of the benefits.

The latter:

  • protect your feet! from blisters and rubbing because, when wet skin is in direct contact with the sole, it can heat up the foot while you walk.
  • absorb excess humidity initially
  • prevent sweat from attacking the inside of your shoes directly and damaging their technical properties

4 - After exercise: leave your power walking shoes out to dry

Perspiration is naturally odourless or nearly odourless. It's the bacteria and fungus that develops in your shoes that causes the unpleasant smelling gases.

How do you tackle this? At the end of your walk, open up your shoes, leave them to dry in the open air and remove the removable soles. You can also use an antibacterial spray or sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda inside your shoes. This absorbs the odours and prevents fungus from developing.

Do you have any other tips to avoid sweaty feet? Share them with us!


Walking is a complete, simple and effective sport but your feet, which are needed for walking, are complex. Made up of 26 bones, many joints and several ligaments, our feet are what enable our bodies to walk.


Why do they say that fitness walking is a complete sport? Fitness walking, active or fast, works not only lower muscles. In addition to working out the thighs and gluteals, fitness walking also strengthens the entire upper body, especially the arms and abdominals.