4 ideas for walking... in the spirit of Christmas !

Christmas is coming and it's tempting to swap our fitness walking sessions for a nice mug of hot chocolate by the fireside next to the Christmas tree decorated with flashing lights. However, this is the time for enjoying the festive atmosphere in the neighbourhood. So put on your Santa's elf hat and walking shoes: here are 5 ideas for enjoying the spirit of Christmas during your fitness walks!

Idea no. 1: walk while listening to a Christmas playlist

Have your walking companions abandoned you for this evening's walk? No matter! Listen to a playlist rather than having a conversation with your friends – the result that will be just as heart-warming. Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town or All I Want for Christmas is You: treat yourself to your favourite Christmas songs! The main thing is to choose catchy tunes to walk in time with the rhythm.

Idea no. 2: choose a route with a Christmas theme

What could be more pleasant than an evening walk against a backdrop of Christmas lights? It's time to change your route a little so that you pass by the beautiful decorations. Christmas trees covered in garlands, houses covered in flashing lights or even the illuminated reindeer in your neighbour's garden - draw inspiration from a range of sources! It will make your night walks the most festive ever!

Idea no. 3: adding a touch of Christmas to your outfit

Don't even think about walking in winter without clothing that is suited to low temperatures. In December, wear a Santa's hat instead of your usual beanie! A great idea to put a smile on the face of the passers-by you'll meet on your way. You could also get out your scarf and gloves with a snowflake or Christmas tree motif. Looking ridiculous won't kill you, promise!

Idea no. 4: after your exercise, you can unwind at the Christmas market

If you're one of those people who needs a goal at the end of your fitness walks, don't make an exception to the rule, even before the Christmas festivities! Plan your route so that it ends with a stroll through the Christmas market. You'll always find something there to reward your efforts: a nice mug of hot chocolate, a piece of gingerbread, or some delicious Christmas biscuits!

Do you want to prolong the magic of Christmas? Remember your list for Father Christmas: a pair of flexible shoes for fitness walking, some Nordic walking poles or even a smart watch… The ideal solution for walking!