4 good reasons to go fitness walking in 2017

"That’s it, I’m going to do sport this year!"  There are various aims behind this classic New Year’s resolution: getting back into shape, boosting mental health or losing weight after the excess of the festive season. At Newfeel, we firmly believe that fitness walking, such as Nordic walking, is the best sport to choose for achieving each of them. Why?

1 – Because it’s a simple sport without constraints

It’s the same routine, every New Year’s Eve: we dream of being more sporty, we can already see ourselves moving mountains and exceeding our limits. Fitness walking is the most natural physical activity, it is accessible to all and can be done anywhere. As a sport that is also easy to do, it is ideal for keeping up sports resolutions and finding the path to getting into shape!

  • TO STAY MOTIVATED: Sticking to a resolution, means committing yourself. The golden rule for success is regularity. It is better to plan several short sessions throughout the week rather than taking on a programme that is too intense. The danger is doing too much on impulse.

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