3 recommendations for maintaining your power walking shoes

In order to get even more pleasure out of your power walking sessions, it is very important to properly maintain your power walking trainers. Do you feel a little unsure about how to maintain your trainers and keep them in good condition for a long period of time? Here are our 4 recommendations for giving them a treat after each session!

1 – After each session, allow your trainers to breathe!

The insoles of all our trainers are removable. After each session, we recommend removing them and leaving them to dry in the open air.

Then, open up the tongue of your trainers as much as possible so that the moisture contained inside your shoes can escape. This is the first thing you should do to prevent unpleasant odours and keep a pair of trainers in good sanitary condition!

This will prevent unpleasant odours and the discomfort of foot perspiration during your next session!

2 – In order to clean the upper of your footwear

The upper of your footwear is the part that is above the sole. Your Newfeel power walking footwear is made of mesh, which is a ventilated material that allows your feet to breathe by eliminating perspiration during the sessions.

  • DO NOT MACHINE WASH: machine washing your power walking trainers will harm the adhesives of the soles and damage the mesh of your shoes. Only the laces can be machine washed.

Because the mesh is a synthetic material, you need to take the following precautions when cleaning the upper of your trainers: use a damp sponge with lukewarm water and a little soap, after having removed the laces of your shoes. Then leave them to dry for about 1 day with some newspaper inside to absorb the moisture. Job done!

  • DO NOT DRY YOUR SHOES USING A SOURCE OF HEAT: Drying your shoes near to a radiator or with a hair dryer can modify the shape of your shoes and make them uncomfortable.

3 – To clean your outsoles

Power walking, like Nordic walking, is an outdoor sport. After a walk in the park, more often than not, the soles of your shoes will be full of mud, grass and small stones when you get back!

Before rushing to clean your shoes, leave them to dry in order to avoid spreading dirt on the upper of your trainers.

  • Once your trainers are dry, slap the soles together outdoors in order to remove as much dirt and stones as possible.
  • Using a brush, remove any remaining dirt and the last few stones stuck in the flex grooves of the soles.
  • Clean your soles with a sponge dampened with lukewarm water and a little soap.

To finish, don't forget that your power walking shoes also need some rest just like you: the cushioning of your shoes needs to return to its original shape in order to retain its effectiveness. Ideally, you should alternate your sessions with a second pair of power walking shoes while your first pair regains all of its original freshness thanks to the advice given above!


Power walking, like any other power activity, causes the body temperature to rise. The purpose of perspiration is to naturally regulate the body temperature, however: this surplus water and salt in your power walking shoes often causes discomfort, blisters and unpleasant odours. Our practical and smart solutions for untying your shoelaces… without any unpleasant surprises!


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