7 tips to stay motivated

Staying motivated is the key for achieving your sporting goals. Yet sometimes putting on your fitness walking shoes feels like a bind, due to a lack of time or enthusiasm. Emmanuel Lassalle, a race walker from Grand Fond, has a few tips to keep you motivated.


1 - Think of all the benefits of nordic and fitness walking

It's your primary source of motivation, isn't it? You have decided to take up Nordic walking to keep in shape, put a smile on your face and take care of your health. Think back to the pleasure you felt after a good walking session. To avoid a dip in form, it is important to remember all the benefits of nordic walking and fitness walking.

2 - Set yourself a target

As long as your target is appropriate and accessible, it will act as a driving force. Whether losing weight, conquering stress, gaining a new perspective or overcoming a personal challenge, whether distance or speed: there is no such thing as a bad reason for taking up fitness walking!

3 - Monitor your progress

There's nothing better for keeping up your enthusiasm. By monitoring your progress, you will quickly realise everything you have already achieved. A simple tip is noting everything in a training journal. I wrote an article on this subject that you can read: A training journal – your best friend or the free Decathlon Coach app. 

4 - Think of each of your training sessions as a stroll

OK, you have decided to put on your walking shoes, grab your Nordic walking poles and do some sport, but it's also a chance to make time for yourself. If you feel the need, slow down and enjoy the view. No need to criticise yourself or feel guilty if you fancy slowing down!

5 - Break up the monotony of your sessions

Fitness walking and Nordic walking can be practised everywhere, so seize the chance to discover new places and landscapes. When it starts to feel like routine, it is hard not to start easing off, so take every path on offer and change your habits: it's the best remedy for feeling lethargic!

6 - It's more fun in a group

Some people don't like doing sport alone. Finding a fitness walking partner is a great way to avoid getting bored, get moving and do some sport. During your fitness walking sessions, you can practise your sport with others in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

7 - Choose the right equipment to ensure your training is still fun

There can be no excuses, not even the weather. 

If it is too hot, wear ventilated shoes, which have an upper made predominantly of mesh.

Wait for the temperature to drop a little or protect yourself from the heat: wear a cap and sun cream to protect yourself from the sun, take refreshments to avoid dehydration. This article contains my 4 tips for enjoying your summer walking sessions to the full.

If it is raining or too cold, clothing manufacturers now offer highly effective protective garments to protect you from bad weather. This article discusses 5 things you need to know when fitness walking in cold weather.

And what about you? What are your tips for staying motivated with your fitness walking? I'd love you to share your tips for ensuring that our love of fitness walking does not diminish!