5 tips to get organized and walk more!

A Nordic (or fitness) walking session lasts 1-2 hours on average: this includes warming up, walking and stretching. Overlooking your warm-up is out of the question if you want to avoid injuring yourself. Likewise, you cannot neglect stretching, which limits aches. But what with your work, children, home and time spent commuting, fitting in your walking sessions is a real headache. Here are a few tips to help you do your favourite sport more often!


1. Walk during your lunch break

This is an easy solution: your walking clothes in a bag, some water and your walking shoes! You're ready for a lunchtime walking session once or twice a week. What's the ideal way to stick to this? Invite your colleagues to discover the benefits of Nordic or fitness walking with you. After you've had some fresh air without tiring yourself out, you will soon be more efficient. Remember to take wet wipes, a small towel and some deodorant to freshen up before you start work again!


2. Always keep a sports kit at work

There are two advantages to having your sports kit (and walking poles!) at work or in your car. You are on the starting block to get to your walking group or Nordic walking club straight after work. You therefore avoid that slight laziness liable to befall you if you go back home! On the other hand, if you don't live too far from your workplace, you can walk back home: try it - you'll see how enjoyable it is! You won't eat into your evening and will arrive home completely relaxed.


3. Set your alarm slightly earlier

How about setting your alarm an hour earlier to go walking? People who do this notice that, once they've got through the first few days needed to establish a new morning ritual, they are much more efficient for the rest of the day. But let it be said that this moment of walking must remain enjoyable and not everyone is a morning person.


4. Create a routine that is easy to adopt

Each to his or her own. Some people head down to the Nordic walking club two evenings a week. Others prefer fitness walking in a group every Sunday morning, while still others do fitness walking to or from work almost every day. Regardless of the routine you create, the important thing is to stick to it and feel good!


5. Walk with your family or friends at the weekend!

Children love trying out Nordic walking poles and make this a fun moment. Like running, Nordic and fitness walking also enable you to follow your children if they prefer cycling, roller-skating or skateboarding. In all cases, walking - whether fitness or Nordic walking - gives free rein to chatting with your friends...