5 tips to get into great shape after the summer break

Here are 5 tips to start exercising again easily by walking, whether fitness or Nordic walking!

walking to have great shape

After the holidays, have you challenged yourself to resume or discover the pleasures of walking to stay in shape? It is the simplest, most effective physical exercise to take care of yourself. 

1 - Resume gradually

Don't try to make up for time lost during the holidays. Rather than intensive training, go about it gently, without forcing yourself. Take time to warm up by walking at your own pace and then start with 1-2 sessions a week, each lasting 30-45 minutes. You'll have plenty of opportunity to do more after a few sessions.

3 - Above all, remember to enjoy yourself

Listen to your body. The main motivation for doing sport is to enjoy yourself, isn't it? Your walking session is a special moment by yourself, a little interlude to take care of yourself. Enjoyment comes from moderation, which keeps you wanting to start again as soon as possible!


4 - Plan your sessions

There's nothing like your own personal programme to stay motivated! By planning your fitness walking sessions, e.g. following a specific training programme or creating your own programme, you will be more motivated. You can also monitor your exercise in a training journal, which is another good idea to keep you wanting more!

5 - Why not alternate fitness walking and Nordic walking?

If you start walking as a sport, remember that fitness walking and Nordic walking are for everyone, regardless of your physical fitness, age or goal.

People often talk about changing route as often as possible to avoid falling into a routine, but alternating fitness walking and Nordic walking is also a good way to enjoy a pleasant change.

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