Behind the challenge we set ourselves are often some nice surprises. The challenges of Nordic walking are no exception to the rule. As you hit the trails, which have been on your mind for so long, you are exactly where you want to be. In the open air, in the heart of the countryside, you feel none of the pain of your rhythmic strides. On the contrary, they play out a little drum beat that is good for your health and peace of mind. A perfect environment for pushing yourself and talking to others.


Testing yourself and growing in confidence

You are used to covering 10 km while Nordic walking but the idea of adding a 15 km distance to your roll of honour keeps coming to mind? Go for it!

Setting yourself new objectives – suited to your level of ability, naturally – encourages you to be completely committed to attaining them. In order to attain your objectives, you will leave nothing to chance while pushing yourself physically and psychologically.~And on the day of the challenge, when you attain your objective, you will enjoy the sweet feeling of having been up to the challenge and given yourself a nice boost of self-confidence at the same time!


Being healthy in the wide open spaces

Getting into the habit of Nordic walking more regularly. Now that's a challenge that will be of real benefit! At least, if you stick to it. Nordic walking is good for you, whatever your level of availability.

By walking with poles, you stimulate all the muscles of your body, from the shoulders to the thighs, including the abs. This will have an affect on your breathing, your figure, your heart, your bones and your blood tension – all in the open air. Watch out, a challenge can quickly become a good habit.


Reconnect with nature

Nordic walking is most commonly practised in the countryside, in woods, on coastal paths, on heathland, along hiking paths, towpaths, etc.

And when taking up a Nordic walking challenge, it is often preferable to increase the frequency of your outings to attain your objective. As a result, you will be treating yourself to a discreet and precious gift. This is the gift of getting outdoors more often, in the heart of nature, surrounded by its colours, its curves and infinite variations that are so good for the body and mind.

Opportunity for sharing and meeting other people

Whether you are Nordic walking for your fitness and health or for racing, you often take to the streets with others who share the same enthusiasm for walking as you. Each outing offers the opportunity to talk, encourage each other, discuss with other walkers and, sometimes, you will get an idea for your next challenge while you're walking.

One discussion may drive you to tackle the marked paths of the Jura mountain range or the île de Ré, while another will inform you about competitive Nordic walking.~And then taking on a challenge is an excellent way of building social bonds by encouraging talk, conversation and, in short, getting closer to other people.


Being curious, making discoveries, living more intensely

Lovers of history, take on a Nordic walking route through Paris, Lyon or Albi on a journey of discovery of the past.

As a mountain enthusiast, stride along the trails of the Vercors and enjoy its majestic scenery.

Given your fondness for the ocean, stride briskly along the French coastline and the Côte d’Opale, where love, money, legends and much more await you.~Listen carefully, cast a glance at the map, take an interest in the region and local population, spurred on by the challenge that builds on your curiosity, aspirations and dreams.

Set yourself challenges and be stronger.

At first glance, setting yourself challenges can be scary. But once you have taken them on, you realise that they help to open up new horizons in Nordic walking.

Feel free to share your experiences, challenges, and the reasons for the objectives you set!